R. Parker --- Abstract International Journal of Fluid Dynamics (1997), Vol. 1, Article 1



Department of Mechanical Engineering,

University of Wales, Swansea, Wales, U.K.

(Received 4 October 1996, Publication Date 23 May 1997)


The article presents an overall view of engineering situations in which sound can be generated by processes associated with fluid flow. The review is not exhaustive but represents the author's experience of phenomena which, in the last two to three decades, have come to be known a "Aeroacoustics". The topics are not widely understood by engineers and are often ignored by designers in spite of the fact that they can be sources of serious environmental noise problems and, when the acoustic pressures cause vibration, fatigue failure in machinery.


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Next Section: 1. Introduction

2. Early Development

3. Turbomachinery Noise

4. Flow Noise

5. Mechanical Vibration

6. Absorption

7. Surging of Turbomachinery

8. Discussion