International Journal of Fluid Dynamics (1998), Vol. 2, Article 1

Simulated Flow around Long Rectangular Plates under Cross Flow Perturbations

B.T. Tan, M.C. Thompson, K. Hourigan

Fluid-dynamics Laboratory for Aeronautical and Industrial Research (FLAIR)
 Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia

(First received 5th June 1998; and in revised form 30th November 1998.
Published 22nd December 1998.)


Numerical simulations of flow past long rectangular plates of various aspect ratios are performed. Comparisons are made with previous experimental and computational results.  Simulations without external forcing show the stepwise increase in Strouhal number based on chord length characteristic of the Impinging Shear Layer Instability; in the present case, the shear layer develops into shed vortices upstream of the impingement for longer plates.  Simulations with a small amplitude crossflow oscillatory forcing also exhibit a similar receptivity at these Strouhal numbers. This is demonstrated by  Strouhal number stepping corresponding to local maxima of base suction as the plate aspect ratio is varied.  Flow visualisations and animations  indicate that the stepping corresponds to a similar integer mode of shedding as observed in the unperturbed case and reveals the phase relationship between leading- and trailing-edge shedding.


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