Volume 5, 2001

Article 1

An Experimental Investigation of Flow Mode Selection in a Conical Taylor-Couette System      (or printable version (pdf))

by M N Noui-Mehidi, N Ohmura & K Kataoka

Article 2

Numerical Simulation of the Transition in Three-Dimensional Rotating Flows with Walls: Boundary Layers Instability      (or printable version (pdf))

by E. Serre, P. Bontoux and R. Kotarba

Article 3

Investigation of Vortex Bursting at a Low Reynolds Number using a Schlieren Visualization Technique      (or printable version (pdf))

by A.S. Bova, R.M. Lang, G.L. Blaisdell, J. Gibson and T. Neissen

Article 4

The Simulation of Vortex Dynamics downstream of a Plate Separator using a Vortex Finite-Element Method      (or printable version (pdf))

by Iraj Mortazavi and André Giovannini

Article 5

Removal of Temporal and Under-Relaxation Terms from the Pressure-Correction Equation of the SIMPLE Algorithm      (or printable version (pdf))

by V.A.O. Anjorin & I.E. Barton

Further articles will be published as they become available.

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