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International Journal of Fluid Dynamics

Instructions to Authors

Aims and scope

The journal aims to make available the highest quality research in fluid dynamics using the most accessible, economical and rapid distribution system. Reporting of research of a fundamental nature is especially encouraged with relevant topics including (but not restricted to): wake dynamics, jets, shear layers, turbulence, aeroacoustics, rotating flows.


Papers that fall within the aims and scope of the journal may be considered for publication in the International Journal of Fluid Dynamics. Each paper should be an original piece of work that has not been published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Papers are considered under the following categories: The journal will publish only material of high quality. The refereeing process will have the same rigour as any conventional journal. Original papers and news items will receive at least three international referee reports. Proposals for reviews will be assessed on the basis of a detailed outline submitted to referees. Technical notes will be assessed by two referees, but such a submission may include working software as well as multi-media presentation material.


All correspondence concerning the journal should be via email. The appropriate addresses are as follows:

Technical faults with some email daemons causes them to supply erroneous email addresses, so automatic subscription to email lists, sometimes fails. Therefore when sending your subscription to please include a line: From:your name and correct email address(es) on separate lines so that the subscription manager can ensure that they are subscribed correctly.


Papers should be submitted by electronic mail to the executive editor at the address:
Papers should be in the prescribed format of HTML. They may be compressed or uuencoded for submission, but must contain clear directions for unpacking.

Each paper will be sent to referees, with a requested maximum turn-around of 6 weeks. Alterations and corrections will be processed according to the usual protocols for conventional journals. Once accepted, papers will be published immediately in the current issue of the journal.

Each paper should be accompanied by the following essential information, included in the same file as the abstract. Authors should use the form (in SGML format) provided for this purpose at the end of this document:

Journal Format


Submitted manuscripts must be in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) for which translators for various word processing formats are readily available. The manuscript should contain all still figures. The journal is not able to provide a formatting service; authors should provide their manuscripts in a form that can be readily incorporated into the journal. Poorly formatted manuscripts will be returned to authors for correction.

Moving Images

Moving images in mpeg format of up to 10 MB per submission are encouraged. The understanding of fluid dynamics can be particularly enhanced through high quality moving images. The images are to be submitted as a separate file.


The language of the journal is English. However, authors are encouraged to include a copy of their abstract in any language of their choice.


Papers should conform to the normal structure for journal papers. They should be divided into sections, each clearly indicated by a heading. They should include:


Citations should be indicated by numbers in the text that refer to an alphabetical list of authors provided in the References section. Papers marked up in LaTeX should provide references in BibTeX format. Papers marked up in other word processing languages should use the following examples as a guide:
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Hypertext links

Authors are encouraged to include hypertext links in their abstracts wherever feasible. These should be standard URLs and should be verified by the authors prior to submission. Where the final syntax of the required link is unknown (e.g. for accompanying figures), authors should insert a notional link of the form <link_name> ----------------- Cut here -----------------

Manuscript registration

Please use this form to complete the essential registration details that are required for each paper to be published in the International Journal of Fluid Dynamics. Papers will not be considered for publication until all of the details have been provided. The entries included here are examples only and relate to this set of instructions. ---------------------<CUT HERE>--------------------- <ms-rego> <authorlist> <author> <name> Dr Marcel Marceau</name> <affiliation>Universite de Champignon</affiliation> <email></email> <address>Laboratoire de Silence, 13003 Aix-en-Provence, France </address> </author> <author> <name> Prof. Fred Flinstone</name> <affiliation>University of Rockheads</affiliation> <email></email> <address>T-Rex Studies, Rockville 007, Diplodocus Valley, USA </address> </author> </authorlist> <declaration> This material is the work of the authors listed here. It is original and has not been published previously. It may be freely copied and distributed provided that the names of the authors and of the journal remain attached. </declaration> <category> technical note </category> <keywords> <LI>fluid dynamics <LI>electronic journal <LI>hypermedia <LI>Internet <LI>World Wide Web </keywords> <links> <LI> <link1> <A HREF="">Monash Fluids</A> <LI> <link2> <A HREF="">NCSA server</A> <LI> <link3> <A HREF="">CERN server</A> </links> </ms-rego>