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International Journal of Fluid Dynamics



The principal motivation of the journal is to provide the means to display colour visualisations and dynamic animations as part of a coherent Web-based publication. This distinct journal is not intended as an addition to the list of classical paper journals, although the following types of articles are acceptable: full-length stand-alone articles, short communications of topical interest, and articles that are a multimedia companion to papers accepted in the traditional quality journals.

A publication in iJFD, using the unique power of computer imagery, can be powerfully cross-referenced from allied pieces of work published in the excellent established paper journals such as Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Physics of Fluids, etc.

The iJFD seeks to provide

Reviewers are requested to respond to the following checklist in addition to providing general comments. Reviewers' comments will be made available in anonymity to the authors.


  1. Is the article of interest to the wider community of fluid dynamicists?
  2. Does the article contain significant new results or results presented in a significantly new way (e.g., through movie simulation)?
  3. Are the contents of the article accurate and is the accuracy discussed or is a cross-reference made a companion article in a quality journal where the rigour has been established?
  4. Is the article succinct and clear? Is there scope for reduction in size?
  5. Are the still figures clear and informative?
  6. If movie images are included, are they clear and informative?
  7. Is the title a clear and concise indication of the contents of the article?
  8. Do the units conform to the SI system of units?
  9. Do the symbols and mathematics conform to international conventions?
  10. Is the standard of English satisfactory? (Minor spelling and punctuation will be corrected by the copy editors)
  11. Are the references accurate and adequate?


I recommend that the article be:

ACCEPTED without change:

ACCEPTED, preferably with suggested amendments:

ACCEPTED, if requested modifications are met:


General Comments

(Please indicate preferred amendments and essential modifications)

Name of Reviewer:


Mail to:        Editor requesting the review, or
or Fax to:    IJFD Editor (61) (3) 9905 9639